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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2010 7:00am-7:30am PST

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the mta is legally obligated to charge lowest pricing available to create a target. it will be easy for customers to come and find a space quickly. my name is jay primus. i am the program manager for sf park. thank y>> thank you very much. why don't you do a demonstration for them? >> meter has some time on it. you concede the flashing -- you can see the flashing led. now it is cancelled.
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it is going through the verification process. it starts with a minimum of 30 minutes. you can add or subtract time. [traffic] when you are ready, you can cancel or ok it. i am one to hit -- doh link to hit -- i am going to hit ok. it is verified. it has 53 minutes on it now. >> they are ready to go. we have most of them out there already. if you recall, we have the sf park card.
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they will not work in the meters right now. the programming issues to deal with. we expect that within two month, the card will also be available. you will have coins, credit and debit cards, and the sf cards. there will be four different ways to pay to use the meter. you will not have to walk around with change. the ease of use will be some of the benefits of the meters. with that, i think we're done. thank you for joining us to help us get the word out. ♪
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what we are doing something that many cities in california and
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across the country are doing. that is celebrating the budget and is on time that protect social services for the most vulnerable citizens. it protect public safety and preserves the values that make this city such a great place. we did it without significant borrowing or raising taxes. we did it without a lot of support from the state partners and the federal government. we did it because we put aside our differences. we got creative. we got to work. the budget did not just begin 60 days ago. the budget process began almost a year ago today when we signed last year's balanced budget. we made it clear that we needed to get to work, that we had a structural problem. we've had it for well over a decade in the city. we would have to work through that based upon the previous years and our previous success, we have a pathway to doing that.
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the path we began -- the pathway began with the public unions. if there's a story that deserves to be told about the budget, the story begins with our leadership within the labor community. labor has been under attack in this state and country. they have become the convenient excuse for a lack of leadership by our elected officials in sacramento and elected officials across the country. i was just putting together the math, as an aside. i just think it is interesting. i was putting it together in my mind is of is driving over here. you would think with all the discussion about pensions that
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we could solve all the world's problems if we could just solve the pension problem. i did the mathematics in terms of the $19.1 billion problem in the state of california. if you take every dollar that the state contributes to its pension, general fund dollars, if you assume you did not have to write a check to solve any of the pension, just off the books, if you would think that would solve half of the budget deficit based on the rhetoric in sacramento. some would say it would solve all that. it would solve barely 10% of the state budget crisis. that is suggested of the hyperbole around this issue. when folks talk about the bloated bureaucracy and government and n


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